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Blogsphere for your voice

I am thinking the new initiatives for my PDGE students next week about the construction of e-portfolio, I read a post from Lorelle.  It is about the human elements of one’s own blog.  I always too devoted to find a “most suitable” blog system for my students.  The word “most suitable” means that the system should come with many features that users never/ seldom complain on the limitations, or it is easy to use without knowing the Web programming code, or even it can seamlessly connects with other blogs or social networking applications.

However, we might forget our voices on the blog.  We have to identify ourselves through reflections on certain educational practice, not just how versatile we can manipulate the blog features.  To trace our learning process (working portfolio) rather than the learning product (presentation portfolio) which Dr. Helen Barrett stated in 2009. When you exclaim how fascinated of the Avatar movie –  the innovative 3D rendering visuals, we should also look at the underlying stories the scriptwriter is going to tell.  Similarly, as educators we are the scriptwriters (in our blog), we tell our practical experiences, not just creating an impressive story only.  We have our own impacts in the education sector that could keep the other brains running.


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  1. This is why I always start my students on WordPress.com. They don’t have to think and blogging becomes about the message and content not the code.

    I’ve seen the most popular sites in the world with tons of traffic be ugly – horrible broken and ugly – with hundreds of comments on every post and thousands of followers. Pretty isn’t everything. Content moves more than pretty every time. It’s always about the story.

    One of the fascinating aspects of blogging is not just storytelling but engaging the audience so they feel like they are a part of the story, even to the point where they want to contribute in some way to the story. That’s when the real magic of blogging and social media come into play.

    Good luck with your students and class and let me know if I can help.

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